“I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.”

― Frank Lloyd Wright

Training Programmes

The Management Development Centre is best suited for residential corporate meets, conferences, seminars and training programmes. With luxurious A/c rooms, conference rooms, swimming pool, natural and distraction free surrounding this makes it the most desired and chosen venue.

Outbound Programmes

The Outdoor Development Centre is India’s most natural outdoor venue. Surrounded by mountains, valleys and evergreen forest and an array of natural and specially developed outdoor and adventure activities essential for Outdoor based management-training programmes. Rustic wilderness along with safe and comforting environment makes this the first choice for all kinds of outdoor and experiential training programmes.

Recent Photos

  High Places Management

High Places is the pioneer and leading organization in the field of Outdoor based Management Development programmes to most of the renowned Organisations in India. In 1989 the first Outdoor based training programme in India was conducted for 7 days at the foot hills of Rajmaachi Fort near Lonavala, Pune by High Places.

Since then High Places has focused and specialized on creating and conducting different kinds of outdoor programmes that can address various requirements of the corporate world.

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