“I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.”

― Frank Lloyd Wright

Conferences and Meets

The Management Development Centre is best suited for residential corporate meets, conferences, seminars and training programmes. With luxurious A/c rooms, conference rooms, swimming pool, natural and distraction free surrounding this makes it the most desired and chosen venue.

Outbound Programmes

The Outdoor Development Centre is India’s most natural outdoor venue. Surrounded by mountains, valleys and evergreen forest, the venue offers multiple options for accommodation and an array of natural and specially developed outdoor and adventure activities. Rustic wilderness along with friendly service, safe and comforting environment and home like food makes this the first choice for all kinds of outdoor and experiential programmes.

Relax and Refresh

Garudmaachi is ideal for groups, family and children to enjoy nature, outdoors or just chill out! Camping, trekking, rappelling, nature walks, bird watching, enjoying the sunset or experiencing the monsoon, there are so many things to do. Family gatherings, Alumni meets, friends reunion, solo breaks or time with children and family, Garudmaachi is just the right place.

Recent Photos

  High Places Management

High Places is the pioneer and leading organization in the field of Outdoor based Management Development programmes to most of the renowned Organisations in India. In 1989 the first Outdoor based training programme in India was conducted for 7 days at the foot hills of Rajmaachi Fort near Lonavala, Pune by High Places.

Since then High Places has focused and specialized on creating and conducting different kinds of outdoor programmes that can address various requirements of the corporate world.

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  Western Highlanders

Western Highlanders is a division of High Places that focuses on creating and offering a blend of unique enjoyable, meaningful and value adding events.

Creek Jaunt, Highland Champs, Drizzly Days and Highland Camping are few exciting events for you to choose from.

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Upcoming Events

ACE - (Appropriate Communication for Excellence) Workshop

13 - 14 - 15 July 2014

The ACE workshop is designed to equip and enhance your communication skills. To help you develop the ability to customise and mend your communication to make it appropriate and right to achieve desirable results. For more information email us at: info@highsapience.com

Drizzly Days

Get Fresh, Get Wet in Drizzly Days
From July 15th to September 15th only

Drizzly Days invites you to book your rainy days with your loved ones and have a great time exactly the way you wish......

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Highland Woods (Camping)

Camping options on weekdays and weekends From 15th October to 15th May

Highland Woods –the wilderness camping ground located at the base of the mountain in the midst of the evergreen forest. This is a unique feature developed within Garudmaachi campus, India’s most popular outdoor centre.

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