About Garudmaachi

Garudmaachi is the flagship training centre of High Places - the pioneers of outbound management training in India. Programmes were initially conducted in complete wilderness in make shift camps or resorts. High Places realised a strong need for a purpose built centre and that’s how Garudmaachi was conceptualised.

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From identifying an appropriate location to developing a centre that supports both outdoor and indoor needs of training programmes and meets, High Places with great care created Garudmaachi, India’s only purpose built eco friendly centre that blends with the natural habitat and yet provides necessary comfort and facilities.

Located on the crest of the Tamhini Ghats (around 70 km from Pune), Garudmaachi comprises two distinct facilities: the Outdoor Development Centre (ODC) and the Management Development Centre (MDC). Situated in a pristine and picturesque location in the Sahyadri mountain range, Garudmaachi, though primarily a training centre, can also be used for week-end getaways.

The Management Development Centre is tailored to host indoor training programs, conferences, symposiums, sales and strategy meets and other such events. The Outdoor Development Centre is robustly made for rough and ready outbound training interventions. Together, they are spread over 55 acres of verdant forest, ideally suited for learning as well as relaxation - with fun and adventure thrown in. Care has been taken to preserve the environment and most of the land is still virgin forest.

To the East, a 1200 ft. mountain wall guards the camp site while the West offers a panoramic view of the Konkan valley. Now declared a protected forest, the entire region is rich in flora and fauna with a variety of birds, reptiles, mammals, arachnids and other denizen of the jungle. For the intrepid and enterprising, there are umpteen trek routes in addition to the adventure facilities in the Outdoor Development Centre. Be it learning, brainstorming or just fun and relaxation, Garudmaachi is your destination of choice.