Frequently Asked Questions

To help you know Garudmaachi better

What is Garudmaachi?

Garudmaachi is a specifically developed Centre to be utilized by corporates and other groups for residential trainings/meetings and/or outdoor activities.
Garudmaachi values, respects and works towards conserving nature. It is an ecofriendly place that promotes the same. Hence persons visiting and staying at Garudmaachi are encouraged to follow norms like:
o   ‘Leave no trace’
o   Do not litter
o   Save water and electricity
o   Practice healthy habits
o   Avoid any kind of wastage and pollution
o   Enjoy and conserve all elements of nature

Garudmaachi helps and supports nearby villages and its people for a better living.
Garudmaachi supports outdoors, nature, birds and animal conservation groups.

Where is Garumaachi located?

The Garudmaachi Centre is located on the edge of the Western Ghats - the Sahayadri Mountains 75 km from Pune and 165 km from Mumbai. Evergreen forest, mountains and valley surround the Centre.

How to reach Garudmaachi and how much time does it take to reach?

Garudmaachi is best accessible by road. State highway no. 51 passes through Garudmaachi. From Pune (Chandani Chowk) it takes 1½ hours and From Mumbai (Dadar) it takes about 4 hours to reach Garudmaachi by road.

Is Garudmaachi a resort or tourist location?

Garudmaachi is neither a resort nor a tourist location. It has been purposefully developed as an outdoor and conference Centre.

Why is Garudmaachi best suited for corporates and how can they benefit?

Garudmaachi has been specially designed for Corporate use. The Centre is best suited for residential outbound trainings, inbound trainings, conferences, meetings and other corporate gatherings.

How is Garudmaachi different from other resorts?

Garudmaachi is one of its kind dedicated Centre situated in midst of evergreen forest, mountains and valley spread over 40 acres of land. It has a very natural, distraction free and pollution free ambiance that helps people to relax, refresh, reflect and concentrate better. Since this is not a resort or tourist destination, there is no unwanted crowd and noise.

What kind of stay arrangements are available at Garudmaachi?

Garudmaachi uniquely offers multiple stay options in its campus to suite specific requirements and tastes. The options range from luxurious twin sharing A/c rooms, multi-sharing comfort tents (with attached toilets and bath), Billets with bunk beds and rustic camping tents.

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How many persons can stay at Garudmaachi?

More than 200 persons can stay at Garudmaachi at a time spread over the various stay options.
• 24 A/c rooms – 48 persons on twin sharing basis
• 18 Comfort Tents – 108 to 144 persons on six or eight sharing
• 4 billets – 32 to 40 persons on 8 or 10 sharing
• Camping tents – at least 50 persons on twin or triple sharing

What facilities are available at Garudmaachi?

Garudmaachi has all the necessary facilities to suite corporate requirements –
• Large conference hall – can host up to 150 persons in theatre style
• 2 Syndicate rooms – can host up to 40 persons each in theatre style
• LCD, flipchart, copying and printing facility and necessary stationary
• Multiple dining areas
• Swimming Pool
• 4 Meeting / session rooms
• Multiple covered spaces and gazebos
• Many open spaces for activities
• Many permanent Activity stations

What activities are possible at Garudmaachi?

Garudmaachi is well equipped to conduct numerous adventure and group activities. Key attractions:
• Rappelling and Climbing Wall
• Natural climbing and rappelling
• Burma Bridge
• Multiple Trek routes
• Dynamic obstacle course
• Camping and cooking
• Night Treasure Hunts
• Jungle and nature walks
• Rafting
• Numerous challenging and exciting group activities

How safe is Garudmaachi?

Though Garudmaachi is in the midst of wilderness it is extremely safe to stay. The entire Centre is fenced and guarded. People are served with clean treated water and hygienic food. The Centre has first aid facilities with 24/7 safety vehicle and tie-ups with nearby clinics and hospitals.

Why is Garudmaachi best suited for Corporates and how can they benefit?

Garudmaachi has been specially designed for Corporate use. The Centre is best suited for residential outbound trainings, inbound trainings, conferences, meetings and other corporate gatherings.

Can families, children, groups and individuals stay at Garudmaachi?

Though Garudmaachi hosts more corporate events, it is the best place to be with family, children and groups who wish to enjoy nature and outdoor activities. Garudmaachi regularly hosts children camps and other family events across the year. People stay at Garudmaachi as individuals or in groups for research, relaxation, meditation, activities, coming together, reflecting, being with nature, distressing and energizing.

What is the best season to be in Garudmaachi? Is it possible to stay there and do activities in rains?

Garudmaachi is operational in all seasons for all 365 days. Each season is different and interesting at Garudmaachi. During monsoon there are heavy rains. All accommodation types are all seasons except the camping tents. Camping is best done in dry seasons.

Who owns Garudmaachi?

Garudmaachi is the creation of High Places Management Pvt. Ltd. based in Pune established in 1985. High Places is the organization that pioneered experiential training through outdoors in India in 1989. It is oldest and one of the largest outbound training company in India.

How to book Garudmaachi and what are the tariffs?

To book Garudmaachi and know the tariffs you need to contact High Places Management Pvt. Ltd. through email or phone given below –

• Emails: o

• Phone: Office: 020-25394540 / 25399486